Saturday, August 6, 2011

Mid-week idiocy

When one first joins the Junior Woodchucks, they are taken deep into the depths of their psyche and given a stern warning by that little known fourth Woodchuck cousin, HueDewLou.

"One day, Junior Woodchuck, you will be tempted to ignore the collected wisdom of this book. You will think you are mightier than you are, wiser than you are, stronger than you are and you will attempt that which is beyond you.

"Your life would be infinitely better if you did not do this, but you will do it anyway."

After some busy times and the Springwater Corridor ride, I did my standard workout Sunday afternoon, took Monday off completely...the first day i did not exercise in nearly a week...and then did my standard workout again.

The following day it was a gorgeous night and after work I decided to take a short bike ride. So I started on the Fanno Creek Trail.

The going was slow because there are numerous street crossings and the trail was very busy. I then busted up Hall Blvd. at a pretty stiff clip, and in a car what I did going down the hill into Cook park would be known as either "burying the speedometer" or, more accurately, "outright stupidity". But it was fun.

I then began the ride Robert Tres and I do out towards Sherwood. And about the 15 mile marker, I suddenly realized something.

I had ignored the wisdom of the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. I had thought I was mightier than I actually am, stronger than I actually am, and wiser than i actually truth, I needed to heed the guidance of the Guidebook and take a rest day.

The problem here is...I was 15 miles into the ride! Of course, that included a couple of side trips, so I was actually only 11.8 miles from home...but still...I would have to ride back.

Consulting the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, I noticed it said in cases like this, ride conservatively. Gear down, pedal slower, and take relaxed ride home.

So I geared up, stood on the pedals and pushed the pace up as stiff as I could.

My legs were screaming, the Junior Woodchuck counselor was weeping, and my legs were kind of suggesting they had seen me do smarter things.

Ha! When have I done anything smart? I mean, besides joining the Junior Woodchucks.

Well, I reached the end of the trail and was completely gassed. So gassed, in fact, that over the last 1.1 miles I was so slow it dropped nearly 2 mph off the average speed for my entire ride!!!!

Turns out the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook was right...oh, and here is the route


  1. Yeow...hopefully some Cold Stone will help tomorrow.

  2. oh, wait until you read my report on today's epic failure!